How to make 100% natural soap from ash


A few days ago I came across a small note on how to make simple soap only from ash and water. I just couldn't believe it because most of the recipes are calling for extra ingredients like lye, oil or lard. I was curious about it to try out myself. And I have to admit it works. It works quite well.

All you basically need is, of course, water, ash and some time. As for the ash it's best used from burned wood or charcoal. Furthermore some simple tools are required: a sieve, a bucket (about 10 liters), a finely woven cotton cloth – a cheese cloth is fine or an old shirt will do as well – a jug and some bottles to store the final soap mixture.

Firstly you need to sieve the ash to get rid of all coarse particles. In the end a good cup-full is fine. Next you wrap up the ash with the cloth and tie it with a string or lace. Make sure it is sealed tightly and no ash will leak. Put this package into the bucket. Poor in water until about 2/3. Stir it gently with a wood stick, cover it loosely with a lid or a piece of a card box and let it set for a day. After that stir again. Repeat this procedure one more day.

Let it sit for two more days so the tiny suspended particles of the ash will drop down to the bottom of the bucket. Finally all you need to do is to skim the topmost layer of clear liquid with small jug or cup and fill the soap mixture into some bottles. You may use a second, dry cloth to strain the liquid one more time to get rid of remaining particles before you bottle it.

Usually you add one cup of the soap to two liters of water. You can use this mixture to wash your hands, clean dishes and furniture or even for your laundry.
This soap is totally natural and 100% bio-degradable. Therefor it is highly suitable for allergic people. And the best thing is you can easily do it your self at almost no costs. So go ahead and try it.