New Xbox One Controller Colours


Hello everyone, and welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. Any Xbox One gamers out there? If there are, then it might be time to look at some new controllers! As they seem to do quarterly at this point, Microsoft has revealed some new limited edition controllers that will be available at select retailers across the United States. A new year means a new set of controllers, and these ones are pretty different from the Blue and Pink/Black ones that were released last. The first is the Wireless Controller- Red. This controller features two toned matte red paint on the entirety of the controller, including the directional pad, triggers, bumpers as well as behind the thumbstick. The controller will be available from select retailers (shocker) for $64.99 and will be shipped to select retailer worldwide, which is not very common for Xbox One Controllers.


If you are not much of a red person, then the second new controller may be more for you. The Wireless Controller-Green/Orange (although it looks more brown/orange to me) has a very similar design to the Wireless Controller-Red but instead is green with orange accenting. It features a dark green matte finish, with gloss orange highlights on the bumpers, triggers and directional pad. This controller is unfortunately only available from the microsoft store, the Microsoft store website and Wal-mart. It will however be shipped internationally by the end of the month. Both controllers feature the newest controller updates, including advanced range and Bluetooth, and the fan favorite texture grip that will hopefully be the same as on the rare Lunar controller. This will come as a disappointment to those who have previously customized a controller to these colors, as the new controllers will cost about $15 less than a customized controller. Take it easy you guys, and get a new controller if you can.

xbox one controller