Loving the Garden

Hello again everyone and welcome back to the blog. When taking a stroll through the suburbs of your city’s you will come across some of the most beautiful gardens you will have ever seen. In England they say that the kitchen is the heart of your home, so does that make the garden your homes fresh haircut. I have seen people starting to create micro streams in their gardens that lead onto ponds to create natural food for the fish being that everything is going ECO these days, this is a beautiful yet very expensive idea. With a massive range of ECO products on the market today from non-electrical items to solar powered items that you will find at your local gardening Center everyone can do a little more for the environment.

One of my favorite things to do in the garden would be composting. A lot of people are going out and buying the ready-made compost which are brilliant and it does the job, but the old way is the best way that you could possibly go. After looking into composting anyone can do it, so for some organic composting keep reading. Start off by Building your compost heap-box, a minimum of one meter by one meter. Then start layering each carbonaceous and nitrogenous materials example: fallen brown leaves and grass trimmings. Make sure you keep the ratio at 30-1 to get the best results, water each layer as you ad layers (water – layer- repeat), and be sure to keep it light and fluffy so it is easier to mix. Now insert a strong PVC (plastic) pipe and leave it for three days to settle. once it hits about 40*c after 3 days stir every three days for three weeks and before you know it you will have the best quality compost you can find, so your flowers can get all the nutrients needed.