Hunting Gear to grab on Sale

Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. Anyone here go out hunting this year? The season is just closing up around where I live, which means that there are some killer deals on hunting supplies to get you ready for the next season. Although lots of bricks and mortar shops have some good deals, if you do some smarter online shopping, on websites such as, there are even better deals on even better items. So if you are looking to get some hunting supplies for your next season on the cheap, I suggest looking for these items.

Hunting Gloves

If you live somewhere where it snows for 10 months of the year like I do, the hunting gloves are going to be a really good friend of yours. Holding the metal/poly/fiberglass or even plastic stock and trigger guard will freeze your fingers in the right temperature, so gloves are a must if you want to keep the same finger dexterity. I personally prefer Under Armour gloves, and you can actually get some pretty good deals on them here .


Under Armour Hunting Gloves

Orange Safety Vest

Are you planning on going out into crown land for your next hunt, or even private land that is popular with other hunters? Make sure that you have some sort of orange safety gear on, preferably a hat or a vest. It may make you look like you are trying to camouflage with the pumpkins, but it might actually save your life. You can choose between pure orange or woodlands camouflage from this website and they are all really cheap.

Orange Hunting Safety Vest

Trail Camera

Even the best hunter is only as good as what he can see, so why not see more with a trail camera? You can get some really inconspicuous ones now, and looking at the Cabela's website they have really good storage options as well so it doesn't get damaged. Try and find one with an infrared motion sensor and infrared camera, the infrared lights will drain the battery more but a motion sensor should negate that, and animals will be drawn the the infrared lighting.  



Animal Musk

We all have our own musky scent that we love, but unfortunately most animals don’t get the same feeling. Because of this I always bring some animal musk with me, dependent on what I am hunting at the time. For even better results, make some ash soap before hand and wash yourself with that to avoid any confusing scents.

Happy Hunting!

That was just a quick rundown on some of the things I think you should try and pick up on sale before the next hunting season. Some are more expensive so getting it on sale can be really helpful, and other stuff is good to stock up on when it is cheaper. Thanks for continuing to support my hobbies and leisure blog everyone! If you haven’t already, check out my previous post on new Xbox controllers!