How to make a profit from your hobby

Hey everyone welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog.  Even though I've been doing hobbies my whole life  I've always switched around from what hobbies I like doing and never really stuck with something that I could keep going with and get really good at. This means that I was never able to actually make a profit on a hobby; something that I know a lot of people do when they get really good at it. Of course I play video games all the time and I like to watch TV and movies but that's not something you can really turn into a profit without being a professional critic or gamer. That is why I decided to look for some hobbies that you can make a profit from and these are some of the best choices that I found:

  1. Programing- Programming is something that's needed a lot more nowadays than it ever has been and the resources to learn are much more plentiful than they were 10 years ago or even five years ago. You can learn how to program from a free course online, then sign up to to be a freelance designer on one of the many freelance websites.

  2. Cross stitching/Crocheting- Everyone has some pair of socks sitting in their dresser or a blanket sitting in the wardrobe that was handmade by someone in your family. If  you learn how to cross stitch or crochet you can make clothing or decorative pieces for around the house that give people that warm, at home feeling.

  3. Baking-  You can buy so many kinds of cookies in the store now it is but it's so hard to buy one's that are homemade. If you have a knack for being in the kitchen and whipping up some tasty desserts then why not try selling them at your local farmer's Garden or even online. Don't want to sell your cookies? Giving them away is a great way to make friends