Gaming with friends 

Howdy everyone.  Thanks for checking back in to my Hobbies and Leisure blog.  Today I only have a short time to write a post so I thought I would tell you about a discussion I had with someone about hobbies and what counted as a hobby the other day.  


One of my favourite hobbies, especially now that I am living in Cambodia with my boyfriend is playing video games. I’ve never really been someone who plays video games. Primarily because I grew up rather poor so didn’t have any video game console until a friend gave me an old one when I was 17, and it was only a few months after that that I left home and went off to study at university.  So I hadn’t had much interaction with playing games.  So as I was saying I’ve recently been playing quite a lot of video games, and I was chatting with a friend back home and told them what I’d been up to and they said they didn’t think that video games, or watching tv counted as a hobby.  The only things they thought that counted as a hobby is something which you do that creates something.  

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Unfortunately hobby shaming is something which you can come across, and it sucks.  According to wikipedia ‘A hobby is an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's own time’  No-one should make you feel bad about something you do in your own spare time that doesn’t hurt anyone and that you enjoy.  However I do think that it is useful for each and everyone of us to have a wide variation of hobbies, so if you’re someone who enjoys video games like me it’s great to try something different and creative, and maybe something outdoorsy.  Try something new, and as I told my friend, you never know you might enjoy video gaming as well.